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Watkins - Organic Ground Cumin, 1.8oz

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Slightly sweet and nutty, cumin has a place in warm and comforting dishes. One of the best you can get is Watkins - Organic Ground Cumin. Every jar contains organically grown ground cumin that has been packed in the USA! 

Watkins takes pride in sourcing high-quality organic cumin seeds and grinding them to perfection, ensuring maximum flavor and freshness in every jar.

Whether you’re making chili, curry, or tacos, Watkins’ Organic Ground Cumin adds depth and complexity to your dishes. Its warm and earthy flavor profile pairs well with a variety of ingredients, making it a versatile spice to have in your pantry.

Plus, by choosing organic, you can feel good about the quality and purity of the cumin you’re using in your cooking. Elevate your culinary creations with Watkins’ Organic Ground Cumin and experience the difference that quality spices can make!


Organic Cumin

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