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Watkins - Organic Harissa Seasoning, 2.5oz

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Transform your culinary creations with Watkins' Organic Harissa Seasoning! This versatile blend is perfect for adding a touch of bold flavor to a variety of dishes.

Whether you're enhancing the richness of hummus, adding depth to salads, or infusing hearty stews and soups with savory goodness, this organic seasoning is sure to impress.

With a hint of heat, Watkins' Organic Harissa Seasoning adds an extra layer of complexity to your favorite recipes. Simply sprinkle it over your dishes or mix it with olive oil to create a tantalizing marinade that elevates the flavor of meats, vegetables, and more.

Experience the perfect balance of spices and seasonings crafted with care by Watkins. Discover the endless possibilities of culinary creativity with Watkins' Organic Harissa Seasoning!


Organic Paprika, Organic Smoked Paprika, Sea Salt, Organic Ancho Chili Powder, Organic Garlic Granules, Organic Onion Granules, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Coriander, Organic Cayenne Pepper, Organic Spearmint Leaf, Organic Cumin, Not More Than 2% Tricalcium Phosphate Added To Prevent Caking.

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