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    Westbrae - Chili Beans, 15oz

    Westbrae - Chili Beans, 15oz

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    Indulge in the Westbrae Natural Organic Chili Beans (15 oz), a fusion of organic beans in a zesty chili sauce. Crafted from top-tier organic ingredients, these USDA-certified beans offer rich flavor and nutrition:

    • Organic Excellence: USDA-certified organic beans grown sustainably.
    • Flavorful Medley: Plump beans in a seasoned chili sauce for delightful taste.
    • Versatile Convenience: Ideal for chili, tacos, or as a quick side dish.
    • Nutrient-Rich: Packed with plant-based protein and dietary fiber for a wholesome diet.

    Enjoy the ease and taste of Westbrae's Organic Chili Beans - a quick, nutritious, and organic meal option enhancing any recipe with quality and flavor.