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    Storefront Baking Mixes & Supplies Wholesome - Coconut Palm Sugar, 16oz
    Wholesome - Coconut Palm Sugar, 16oz

    Wholesome - Coconut Palm Sugar, 16oz

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    Indulge in the wholesome, natural sweetness of Wholesome Coconut Palm Sugar (16 oz). Sourced from coconut palm blossoms, this unrefined, organic sugar offers a rich caramel-like taste. With a low glycemic index, it's a healthier alternative to refined sugars, aiding in blood sugar regulation. Packed with essential minerals like potassium, iron, and zinc, it's a versatile option for sweetening beverages, baking, and more.

    Key Features:

    • Natural sweetener derived from coconut palm blossoms
    • Unrefined and organic, preserving vital minerals
    • Lower glycemic index for better blood sugar control
    • Versatile for beverages, baking, and cooking

    Wholesome Coconut Palm Sugar, in its 16 oz pack, presents a delectable, natural sweetening option rich in flavor, essential minerals, and health benefits. Ideal for various culinary uses, it's a guilt-free way to sweeten your favorite recipes.