Vegan Cookies, Brownies & Muffins

Sometimes home baking is a lot of fun and can help to aid a celebration or party. Sometimes, you've just got too much going on and want to get some delicious baked goods delivered straight to your door. Read more
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That's where our wonderful vegan cookies, brownies, and muffins selection comes into play!

Indulge in a range of cookies that are diet-friendly and even healthier than ones you can bake at home/buy in a bakery. These amazing hazelnut chocolate praline cookies are to die for! They are soft-baked with a gooey chocolatey filling that is so moreish. Somehow, they are gluten-free, though you could never tell. A pro tip is to microwave them slightly to get extra goo!

We have got a range of other products that are suitable for kids’ parties as well. These School-Friendly chocolate brownies are free from all allergens apart from wheat. This makes nut, soy, and other allergens a worry from the past. Be sure to look out for other fabulous products like these artisanal cookies that are available in five amazing flavors as well!

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