The Very Good Butchers

The Very Good Butchers are one of the world’s leading vegan meat companies. They are on a mission to create vegan meats that taste as good if not better than animal products. They make their products from a range of different plant-based protein sources and season them in layers to create an insanely rich flavor profile. They are sure to impress any of your vegan or non-vegan friends or relatives at any cookout!...Read more
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Starting off with one of their most impressive creations - this vegan steak. Vegan steak has traditionally been one of the hardest things to create and get right in the vegan meat world. The Very Good Butchers have created this masterpiece that works really nicely on the BBQ and can be eaten on its own or chopped into any salad or sandwich. It is technically cooked so choosing a doneness isn’t necessary, simply enjoy however you like! They have other impressive BBQ products as well like these amazing ribs that we have available in three flavors. Choose from maple bourbon, Southern Gold, or Smoky BBQ.

Moving elsewhere into the breakfast world - these breakfast sausages are the perfect thing to start your day off right with! These two previous items both contain gluten. However, these sausages are made with pea protein so they are naturally gluten-free! Simply fry off a few of these to get a protein-rich, delicious start to your day!

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