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    Storefront Companion Animal Products Cookie Pal - Sweet Potato Flaxseed Dog Biscuits, 10oz
    Cookie Pal - Sweet Potato Flaxseed Dog Biscuits, 10oz

    Cookie Pal - Sweet Potato Flaxseed Dog Biscuits, 10oz

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    Cookie Pal Sweet Potato Flaxseed Dog Biscuits are the perfect blend of wholesome ingredients crafted for your furry friend's delight. These delectable dog treats, available in a 12 oz package, are a fusion of natural goodness and lip-smacking flavor.

    Key Features:

    • Nutrient-Rich Ingredients: These biscuits are crafted with nutrient-rich sweet potato and flaxseed, offering a balanced source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The sweet potatoes provide essential nutrients, while flaxseed offers Omega-3 fatty acids, promoting a healthy coat and aiding in digestion.
    • Grain-Free and All-Natural: Free from grains, these biscuits are an ideal option for dogs with grain sensitivities. They're crafted from all-natural ingredients, ensuring a healthy and easily digestible snack.
    • Tail-Wagging Taste: Your pup won’t resist the scrumptious taste of sweet potato combined with the nutty flavor of flaxseed, making it a delightful treat for training or a simple reward.
    • Supports Health and Wellness: The combination of sweet potatoes and flaxseed supports your dog's overall health, providing a natural source of energy, aiding in digestion, and contributing to a lustrous coat.


    In conclusion, Cookie Pals Sweet Potato Flaxseed Dog Biscuits are more than just a treat – they're a way to show your furry friend you care about their well-being. With a blend of premium, healthy ingredients, these biscuits are an excellent choice for health-conscious pet owners seeking a delicious, nutrient-packed reward for their canine companions. Embrace the joy of giving your dog a treat that's as good for them as it is tasty!