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    Storefront Cold Packs Gardein Golden Fishless Filets
    Gardein Golden Fishless Filets

    Gardein Golden Fishless Filets

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    When we tried a sample of this amazing fish alternative, we knew that the game for vegan seafood was about to change for the best.  Gardein has taken their mastery of vegan meat alternatives and gone ocean-bound to bring you something different with these amazing vegan fishless filets - they've got an amazing batter and the flavor of their vegan "fish" is out of this world.  Never before have we felt that a vegan seafood alternative could truly fool omnivores at the first bite, but there's no question, these are as close to the real thing as you'll find, and of course, they're 100% cruelty-free and kind to our ocean friends!

    Ready in as little as 10 minutes, these filets can be pan fried, deep fried, or oven baked to bring them to crispy golden perfection.  Just add some vegan tartar sauce on the side and you'll experience something that you've most likely missed for a very long time!  Not only does this amazing product look and taste amazingly like fish, it also contais DHA and EPA as well, just like the real thing - how cool is that?  10.1 oz. (288g) package contains 6 pieces.  $7.19 per package.


    Ingredients: Gardein™: Water, canola oil, non-GMO textured vegetable protein product (non-GMO soy protein concentrate, color added), non-GMO enriched flour (non-GMO wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), tapioca starch, potato starch, methylcellulose, yeast extract, degerminated yellow corn flour, natural flavors, sea salt, salt, non-GMO wheat gluten, onion powder, garlic powder, leavening (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium phosphate), paprika, soy flour, DHA algal oil, autolyzed yeast extract, spice, sugar, citric acid, xanthan gum, spices, turmeric, turmeric extractives

    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 2 pieces (96g)
    Servings Per Container 3
    Amount Per Serving

    Calories 180

    Total Fat 12g
    Trans Fat 0g
    Saturated Fat 1g
    Sodium 350mg
    Total Carbohydrate 12g  
    Dietary Fiber 3g  
    Sugars 0g  
    Protein 9g
    Calcium  4% DV
    Iron  10% DV
    Potassium  6% DV

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    Even though I have seen rave reviews about these, I was still a bit sceptical. My mother picked some up and all I can say is...WOW! The texture is about as close to fish as you're ever going to get with a vegan product and the taste was incredible! I made home made vegan tartar sauce with Earth Balance mayo, sweet relish, yellow mustard and lemon juice and they would have passed for haddock to even the biggest fish lovers!


    I would give it higher

    If I could give it a 10 out of 5 that still wouldn't be enough. It reminds me of going to the fish fry with my dad every Friday when I was younger. Even hubby, who actually worked in the seafood department at our work, said it was good, of course, for being vegan. Haha. My 5 year old scarfed it down. He is vegan, hubby is not. I wish I could order 10 at a time, but it seems theres always no more than 3 or 4 available. Have to have a lot of these on hand for me. Highly recommended.


    old-school fish fillets

    Nice coating on the outside and tender "meat" on the inside. No fishy flavor at all, yet the "meat" has the exact texture of your famous fish brands, such as Gorton's or Mrs. Paul's. There's absolutely no difference between these fillets and the non-vegan versions other than being cruelty-free. I'm glad I tried these out. I baked mine in the toaster oven and finished them off in a hot skillet to crisp the outside. No added oil at all.


    So close it's scary...

    I was a bit hesitant to try another 'fish' substitute, as those I have tried in the past were either over-the-top, "fishy" from too much nori/kombu type flavoring, or so full of konjak, they could have doubled as super balls,(and konjak does not have a fabulous flavor)! Gardein's version is so different, and so close to what I remember fish sticks tasting like, I had to double-check the ingredients. I served them in 'fish' tacos, and an omni was amazed.


    Buy it!!!

    I can't get enough of these.....I loved fish before going veg/vegan 10 years ago. These little beauties are the bomb!!!