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    Storefront All Hu - Vanilla Crunch Dark Chocolate, 2.1oz
    Hu - Vanilla Crunch Dark Chocolate, 2.1oz

    Hu - Vanilla Crunch Dark Chocolate, 2.1oz

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    Rice crisps and nuts have been the usual ingredients that add crunch to chocolate. Who else would come up with something new and tasty other than Hu? Hu’s Vanilla Crunch Dark Chocolates are more than just a standard bar with a little bit of crunch. These are chocolate bars with CRUNCH - there’s a difference!

    But what is texture without taste? Nothing! That’s why Hu uses great ingredients like fair-trade cacao and organic vanilla bean to make their chocolates. Simple ingredients make a world of difference. Since they taste great, we enjoy eating these bars straight or baking with them!


    Organic Fair-Trade Cacao, Unrefined Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Fair-Trade Cocoa Butter, Organic Puffed Quinoa, Organic Vanilla Bean, Sea Salt
    Allergens: Coconut
    May contain traces of almond, cashew, & hazelnut. Product is Certified Gluten-Free. Allergen cleans made prior to production, but beware that product is produced using equipment that also processes tree nuts, soy, peanuts, milk, & wheat

    Nutrition Facts
    Servings 2
    Serv. Size 30g
    Amount Per Serving
    Calories  180
    Total Fat  13g
    Saturated Fat 8g
    Trans Fat 0g
    Cholesterol 0mg
    Total Carbohydrate 14g
    Dietary Fiber 2g
    Protein 2g
    Sodium 45mg
    Total Sugars 8g
    Vitamin D 1mcg
    Calcium 35mg
    Iron 4mg
    Potassium 232mg