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    Storefront All Numi Tea - Jasmine Green Tea, 18 Bags
    Numi Tea - Jasmine Green Tea, 18 Bags

    Numi Tea - Jasmine Green Tea, 18 Bags

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    Introducing NuGo Numi's Jasmine Green Tea, a delightful blend that embodies the essence of nature's beauty and flavor. Crafted with utmost care, this tea is a testament to NuMi's commitment to providing high-quality, organic, and fair trade certified beverages that both refresh and rejuvenate.

    Key Features:

    1. Pure Jasmine Perfume: NuGo Numi's Jasmine Green Tea is infused with the fragrant essence of real jasmine flowers, delivering a captivating and aromatic experience with every sip.

    2. Organic and Fair Trade Certified: We prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing. This tea is made from 100% organic tea leaves, ensuring that you're not only enjoying a delicious beverage but also supporting eco-friendly and fair trade practices.

    3. Natural Ingredients: We use only the finest natural ingredients, free from artificial additives or preservatives, making this tea a pure and wholesome choice.

    4. Antioxidant-Rich: Green tea is renowned for its antioxidant properties. It may help boost metabolism, promote overall wellness, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    5. Caffeine Balance: NuGo Numi's Jasmine Green Tea strikes the perfect balance between the invigorating kick of caffeine and the soothing qualities of green tea, providing a harmonious and enjoyable experience.

    6. Versatile Brew: Whether you prefer a steaming cup on a chilly morning or a refreshing iced tea on a sunny afternoon, this tea is versatile enough to suit your mood and preferences.

    7. Resealable Packaging: The tea is packed in a convenient resealable pouch, ensuring its freshness and flavor are preserved, cup after cup.

    Experience the delicate and captivating flavors of NuGo Numi's Jasmine Green Tea. Indulge in a moment of tranquility and delight in the beauty of nature with every sip. It's time to elevate your tea-drinking experience with NuGo Numi.