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    Storefront Immune System Support and Cold/Flu Remedies Onnit - Shroom Tech Immune, 30 ct
    Onnit - Shroom Tech Immune, 30 ct

    Onnit - Shroom Tech Immune, 30 ct

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    This mushroom supplement from Onnit is specially designed to deliver all the amazing benefits that mushrooms have to offer in the most effective way. These mushrooms can help to build and maintain a healthy immune system. Our immune health is vital for whole-body function, and these mushrooms help keep it in tip-top condition. Simply take two capsules daily to activate these amazing benefits!


    Organic Chaga (Whole) Extract (Inonotus Obliquus), Astragalus (Root) Extract, Organic Agaricus Blazei (Whole), Organic Cordyceps (Whole), Organic Coriolus Vesicolor (Whole), Organic Reishi (Whole), Organic Maitake (Whole), Organic Shiitake (Whole), Turmeric (Rhizome) Extract, Ginger (Root) Extract, Oregano (Leaf) Extract, Lemon (Peel) Extract, Black Pepper (Fruit) Extract (Bioperine), Vegetarian Capsule (Cellulose, Water), Maltodextrin, Rice Hull Concentrate (Nu-flow)

    Nutrition Facts
    Servings 15 Per Container
    Serv. Size 2 Capsules
    Amount Per Serving
    Onnit Myko - Immune Blend 1000mg
    Onnit Nutri - Immune Blend 405mg