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    Storefront All Rowntree's - Fruit Pastilles, 42g
    Rowntree's - Fruit Pastilles, 42g

    Rowntree's - Fruit Pastilles, 42g

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    Delight in the fruity sensation of Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles, a timeless vegan candy that delivers a burst of flavor in every bite. Each 42g pack is packed with a colorful assortment of chewy candies made from real fruit juice, providing a guilt-free indulgence for vegans and candy enthusiasts alike.

    Crafted without any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles offer a pure and natural taste experience that's perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings. Whether you're enjoying them as a midday treat or sharing them with friends, these chewy candies are sure to bring smiles all around.

    The convenient packaging makes it easy to take Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles with you wherever you go. Simply slip a pack into your bag or pocket for a tasty snack on the move. With their vibrant colors and delicious flavors, these candies are a surefire way to brighten up your day.

    Experience the fruity goodness of Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles and discover why they're a beloved classic among candy lovers. With their irresistible taste and wholesome ingredients, these candies are guaranteed to become a staple in your snack arsenal.


    Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Starch, Acids (Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid), Concentrated Fruit Juices (Apple, Blackcurrant, Lime, Orange, Strawberry, Lemon), Acidity Regulator (Trisodium Citrate), Flavorings, Colors (Anthocyanins, Copper Complexes of Chlorophyllins, Beta-Carotene, Curcumin)