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    Storefront Black Friday Sale The Very Good Butchers - Very Good Dog, 10.6oz
    The Very Good Butchers - Very Good Dog, 10.6oz

    The Very Good Butchers - Very Good Dog, 10.6oz

    In Stock

    Your classic hotdog goes vegan! Bring the ballpark home with these plant-based hotdogs that are flavored to perfection. 

    The Very Good Butchers deliver one of the juiciest, tastiest vegan hotdogs around, setting a new standard for what plant-based dogs can be. Made with organic navy beans, onions, wheat, and an array of spices, this plant-based option will amaze every guest at the barbecue. Best enjoyed in a hotdog bun with your favorite condiments


    Water, Wheat gluten, Organic navy beans, Organic sunflower oil, Onion, Apple cider vinegar, Nutritional yeast, Salt, Tomato paste, Natural flavour, Organic cane sugar, Beet powder, Natural smoke flavour, Mustard seeds, Herbs, Spices.
    Allergens: Wheat, Mustard