Shipping Policy

While most orders ship within 1 or 2 business days, shipping time can be affected by other factors, such as if your order contains refrigerated or frozen food items which must ship during the week to arrive by Friday (any order containing cold goods that cannot ship to deliver by no later than Friday within the same week will be held to ship the following Monday to best protect the order contents).  Also, holidays may affect shipping schedules, especially at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas as those holidays often are very busy for us and also tend to have shorter than normal shipping weeks.  Please email or call us at 866-888-3426 if you have questions on coordinating delivery around a holiday if you’re unsure of how to time your shipping for ideal delivery.

Orders containing only dry goods items without any cold products included ship Monday through Friday every week except holidays where shipping is not possible. We are unable to ship on Saturday or Sunday as there are no pickups available to us, so we are closed weekends and cannot get products sent until we reopen on Monday. Please note, our shipper pickups are usually between 2 and 3 PM Central time daily, so orders placed after 12 noon Central time may not be able to ship until the next business day. If you have questions regarding shipping schedules for items needed quickly, please email or call us at 866-888-3426 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have to help coordinate your order to deliver your items at the best time.

Please do not enter a PO Box address at checkout unless you are able to choose a USPS Mail option for shipping. Orders shipped via UPS or FedEx to a PO Box will be rejected and not delivered, and you will be responsible for return fees as well as the original shipping cost. We will not be able to refund on any perishable goods returned due to being sent to a PO Box with the incorrect service.

We do NOT recommend choosing FedEx Smart Post shipping if your order contains heat-sensitive chocolates or sweets and your current temperatures are above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  We cannot replace or refund on items that arrive melted that ship by Smart Post service due to the long time in transit, and can only recommend shipping options that arrive in no more than 2-3 days for chocolates when temperatures are high.

Orders being sent outside the USA may be subject to import duties - this is determined by the destination country's Customs agency and is not a charge we add, but taxes levied by the nation you’re shipping into. Our new and improved international order checkout will allow you to pre-pay any duties and taxes for shipments being sent via UPS so that your order clears Customs immediately for delivery to you with no added delays. If you request alternate shipping via DHL, USPS International Priority Mail or other service not normally offered at checkout, you will not be able to pre-pay duties, and we are not responsible for any delays or issues caused by this, so please only choose other options outside of what we offer at your own risk.

Orders being sent outside of the USA are shipped at the customer's risk due to varying factors regarding each country’s unique regulations and restrictions. If you are shipping outside the USA, please be sure to research to ensure that all items ordered are allowed into the country of delivery (for example, some vitamins cannot be shipped to Europe, and cat/dog food products cannot be shipped to Australia). As we cannot know the varying regulations for each country’s import laws, please contact Customs in the country of delivery to get information to confirm that your items will be allowed in for delivery to you. We cannot refund or replace shipping or product costs on orders that are barred from entry due to not being allowed due to Customs regulations. Sometimes, a country may require purchase of an import license to be able to order items from other nations – we cannot pay for your personal import license, so please verify if this may be necessary before ordering as Customs will not let you receive goods until you can provide proper licensing documentation in some countries, and will discard your order if you do not provide this license in a timely manner.

If you wish to cancel your order, please do so immediately via email or telephone. If you cancel after your order has shipped and left our warehouse, we will be unable to stop delivery and the order will have to reach your location before it can be returned to us – you will need to refuse delivery to have the items sent back to our location. You are responsible for the original shipping charges as well as return charges for cancellations after an order has shipped. General items and non-consumable products as well as non-cold food may be refused for delivery and returned for refund if the parcel is unopened. All refrigerated/frozen food products cannot be sent back if you fail to cancel in time, as they will almost certainly not be in ideal condition by the time they arrive back so we cannot accept them for return once they have shipped and we cannot refund those items. If we receive perishable food items back from a refused delivery, those items will not be refunded due to circumstances noted.

Please check to verify that you have supplied the correct address at checkout, or, via your email confirmation that is sent after your order is placed. We are not responsible for orders that are sent to incorrect addresses or old locations that you no longer are at, so please verify your shipping info to ensure proper delivery. If you choose to store a default shipping address for faster checkout, you will be responsible for ensuring that this address is updated if you no longer need to ship to that location. You will always see your billing and shipping address at checkout, so please take a moment to view both and ensure they are current and correct to avoid your order being delivered to an old address where you cannot receive it.If an order is delivered to an old address that has not been updated, please let us know immediately and we will contact the shipper to see if it can be recovered. Many times, such orders are taken by other people and cannot be recovered, and we are unable to refund any such lost shipments in this circumstance. We can only re-ship such orders at the full cost of replacement for the necessary charges for items and shipping.

If an order is returned to us due to being sent to an incorrect location, we will only be able to re-ship if you are willing to pay shipping costs for a 2nd time. If you do not wish to pay double shipping due to a problem with an initial delivery to an incorrect address, then your order will be restocked and refunded for all items received back which can be re-sold, which excludes any cold items that are perishable. All cold products returned to us from incorrect delivery addresses will be discarded after receiving them, and are not eligible for refund or replacement.

We do not mark parcels as needing signature on delivery when they are sent. Please note that driver who is delivering the parcel will make the final call regarding whether or not a signature is needed at delivery - if you do not anticipate being home and expect that your driver might require a signature, please note in the order comments to put "No signature required" on the parcel so that we can mark this clearly on the box for the driver to see. Please note that this is only recommended in cases where there is minimal risk of a parcel being stolen - if you have had issues with lost or stolen packages in the past, this is NOT recommended. Also, should the driver leave a note regarding needing a signature or needing special delivery options, it is your responsibility to call the number on the slip to make arrangements for re-delivery. We are not responsible for failed delivery attempts during times you are not home, and should the parcel be returned to us after multiple delivery attempts, we cannot refund the original ship costs and a new charge will need to be made if we are to re-send the order. If you do not wish to have the order re-sent in such a circumstance, we will refund for any items that can be restocked, but not on items that are time-sensitive such as bakery or refrigerated/frozen items that cannot be restocked.