Violife is one of the world’s leading vegan dairy brands. They have a range of game-changing vegan cheese products, butter, and more. Each of their products has been expertly made to deliver the best flavor and texture to any dish you desire. Their products are made with a variety of different bases so if you have certain allergies they will probably have a product that you can eat safely! What’s best about Violife is that they have a commitment to consistently developing newly improved recipes and new products for us vegans to enjoy!...Read more
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Violife is founded on a particularly delicious foundation of vegan cheese. Products like these cheddar slices are amazing. They are made with a coconut base and are free from all other nuts, soy, and gluten. They melt really nicely and have a lovely satisfying texture that is great when added to a burger, sandwich, and more. They have ventured deeper into the world of cheeses with products like these smoked provolone slices

Violife continues to expand its reach of incredible vegan dairy products that can help you improve so many of your dishes. This vegan butter block is an incredible way to get amazing sauces, spreads, dips, and more. We offer it in salted and unsalted flavors that can also work so well for baking. They have included ready-to-eat spreads and dips to their range including this wonderful vegan French onion dip.

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