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    Is Plant-Based Meat Healthy - Everything You Need To Know

    Plant-based is the future! Since its conception, a lot of folks have yet to make the jump to vegan meat alternatives. Why is that? Well, they could be unaware of how good it can be. They could also be wondering if plant-based meat is healthier than real meat. A lot of concerns and queries… Good thing we’re going to run through why vegan alternatives are great!

    For this hypothetical scenario, we’re talking about vegan meats like nuggets, mince, steaks, ribs… anything that resembles or aims to look and taste like the real deal. We won’t talk about straightforward, raw ingredients like mushrooms as steak alternatives (we know you’ve seen those yummy puffball mushroom TikToks!)

    How Is Plant-Based Meat Made?

    how plant based meat made

    Before the what's and the why’s, we need to know how exactly is plant-based meat made! In order for plant-based meats to be made, the ingredients must be gathered! Peas, soybeans, chickpeas, lentils… These ingredients likely are chopped and seasoned. Then, they are formed to look like the animal meats they replace. Think compression or pressing methods. These ingredients are usually filled with moisture, so they need to be dried out so that they can maintain their ideal consistency. 

    All The Meats You See Can Be Swapped

    There isn’t ONE vegan meat to rule them all. You can get ones that are closer to the animals they mimic! There are vegan seafood, beef substitutes, vegan pork, plant-based chicken, turkey alternatives… You name it, we got it. 

    That’s because we and all other vegans know how important recipes are to follow! When a recipe calls for certain animal-based meat, you can get a plant-based alternative to cook with instead. It’s really that easy these days!

    Seasoning is Key

    How can plants taste like pork? As you might have guessed, seasoning plays an important role in vegan meats. It takes a lot to make them taste like the real deal! While they’re often better for the environment and are still considered healthy, certain processed meat substitutes are likely to contain more sodium. But, hey, it’s less likely you’ll need to season your alternatives even more!

    If this is a deal breaker, don’t worry. In this day and age, there are tons of plant-based meats to choose from and you can simply opt for the low-sodium variants. Another thing you can do is just have these alternatives on occasion and not solely rely on them. Portions, like seasonings, are key. 

    Plant-Based is Often Less Fatty

    One particular area where plant-based naturally shines is that it’s less fatty (they contain far less saturated fat)! Animal meat is riddled with fats and is sought for its flavour. We, on the other hand, think natural plant-based already tastes stellar! 

    If you have high cholesterol and are looking to cut back, look no further than plant-based alternatives. You don’t have to quit your savoury faves cold turkey - you can do it gradually with the help of vegan meats!

    We admit they won’t always be free from oils. That would also depend on how you cook your substitutes, too. Frying them in oil will result in them becoming…well, oily.

    Plant-Based is Diet-Friendly

    plant based burger

    While it’s technically considered a diet already, a vegan diet is more flexible than you think! If you can’t have soy, there are easy alternatives for you. The same goes for nuts, gluten, wheat… Savoury and delicious plant-based meats are made of many different ingredients. If you can’t have one, get the other. 

    This is easier to do on a plant-based diet. Cutting cholesterol often means skipping animal-based meats altogether - not with plant-based alternatives! Take Impossible’s Burger Patties - did you know that they’re gluten-free? 

    Is Plant-Based Meat Healthy?

    There are just some things that plant-based alternatives can’t match. But they come pretty close! Protein, iron, fibre…. Plant-based alternatives can be full of nutritional benefits and what makes them better is that they’re healthier to eat.

    Non-vegans will argue that you can’t get enough iron in alternatives and that real meat is the only source of it. We think not! Plant-based meat made of the right ingredients CAN contain iron. Just browse this Vegan Meat & Seafood to see (and taste) some with your own eyes.

    So, is plant-based meat good for you? We’re very inclined to say yes. Plain and simple, plant-based meats are healthy - and probably more healthy than you think!

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    Squash Your Beef With Plant-Based Meat

    With amazing flavour, delicious taste, and wonderful nutrition, plant-based meat is good for you and good to eat! You can cook them similarly to how you would animal meat - meaning they’re easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

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