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    Santa-Approved Sweets: Vegan Treats to Impress this Christmas

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! So you’d better grab some awesome treats - not just for you, but also for your loved ones. You can be the cool aunt or uncle with the super tasty chocolates or just be the awesome guest who bought all the goodies. 

    If you found people to be difficult to buy for this year, with your best buds seemingly having everything they could ever ask for, how about giving some sweets and choccy treats? We know nothing can beat the bonanza of home-cooked dishes, but no one can say no to food - especially vegan Christmas candies and chocolates!

    How about something to stuff some stockings with? Grab a full bar of vegan Christmas chocolates and drop them in. Your kids deserve something sweet, not a lump of coal. It IS the holidays, after all. 

    Vegan Chocolate Christmas Gifts

    vegan chocolates

    Happi’s Christmas Chocolate Selection Box

    Let’s start this list off with a bang! A vegan Christmas chocolate box like this will make just about anyone scream with delight. Happi’s Christmas Chocolate Selection Box contains a Salted Caramel Bar, a Cacao Nibs Crunch Bar, Plain M!lk Bar, Orange Bar, and a Hot Chocolate Spoon. Sounds like a lot? That’s because it is - and that’s why it's such a great pick-up! 

    Happi’s Honeycomb & Ginger Christmas Oat M!lk Chocolate

    Did you know you can get Happi’s Oat Milk Chocolates in single bars? If the former recommendation seems like a lot of chocolate (if there is such a thing), these Honeycomb & Ginger Christmas bars would be the next best thing.

    Moo Free’s White Choccy Snowballs

    No other vegan Christmas chocolate screams holidays like Moo Free’s White Choccy Snowballs! Whether you’re celebrating a white Christmas or not, these chocolates will surely delight you. Each snowball is easy to share - they’re free from dairy, gluten, and soy!

    Lakanto’s Drinking Chocolate Sweetened with Monk Fruit

    When we think about festive chocolate treats, we must not forget hot chocolate! Lakanto’s Drinking Chocolate Sweetened with Monk Fruit is a powder that makes making a hot choc so easy. It sure is tasty and it’s also gut-friendly. If you’re chowing down this holiday season, this probiotic-rich hot chocolate will do you some good.

    Lindt’s Oatmilk Chocolate Truffles

    We can’t finish our list of vegan Christmas chocolates without mentioning one of the most giftable chocolates ever - Lindt’s Oatmilk Chocolate Truffles! That’s why we’re so thrilled they made vegan takes on their classic recipes. They made their classic and dark chocolate variations with none other than creamy oat milk.

    Vegan Christmas Candies and Other Treats

    vegan candies

    SmartSweets’ Watermelon & Blue Raspberry Lollipops

    If you’re bringing sweets over, chances are more than one person will ask you for some. With SmartSweets’ Watermelon & Blue Raspberry Lollipops, you’ll be able to hand out 12 individually wrapped lollies. There’s also only 1 gram of sugar per couple of suckers so these are far better than any ordinary sweet. If you want to plant a lot of little treats in stockings, a couple of bags will do! 

    Sugar Noms’s Original Mix Candy Bag

    Fun, colorful, and sweet, Sugar Noms’s Original Mix Candy Bag has everything you could ever want for vegan Christmas candies. A secret Santa in the office, maybe? Tie a ribbon on a bag and this can be a wonderful gift for your coworker. How about grabbing a bunch of packs for your neighbors, too? ‘Tis the season for giving.

    Partake’s Chocolate Peppermint Soft Baked Cookies

    Everyone loves cookies. When all those home-cooked dishes aren’t ready yet, you’ll find people nibbling on a cookie or two. That’s why grabbing a box of Partake’s Chocolate Peppermint Soft Baked Cookies is a great idea. Pepperminty flavors always remind us of Christmas and these cookies will taste lovely when you dunk them in a cup of hot chocolate. They’re practically the perfect pair!

    A&J Bakery’s Allergen-Free Gingerbread House Kit

    For the grand finale, let’s take on a project that you and your family can do! The holidays are all about bringing people together. If you’ve got kiddos with food sensitivities, they won’t feel left out when they finish building A&J Bakery’s Allergen-Free Gingerbread House Kit. Usually, they get left out when it’s time to demolish all that delicious gingerbread. Now they can partake! Or how about building a gingerbread house with your roommates? That always seems like fun!

    Shopping for Groceries is Easier at Vegan Essentials

    vegan grocery

    Grab your favorite vegan Christmas chocolates, sweets, and treats here at Vegan Essentials! You can get all your festive needs and more. A bottle of wine, some extra deli, or some extra baked goodies? You can get all of them here and have all of them delivered to you. Your Christmas shopping just got easier!

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