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Unveiling Veganuary: A Deep Dive into the Vegan Challenge

Veganuary 2024 is fast approaching! But… What is Veganuary, exactly? Glad you asked! 

The meaning of Veganuary changes depending on who you ask. For us, Veganuary is when you give up all animal-based (and we mean everything including honey) food. It’s going vegan for a month! It may have started as some marketing campaign, to create some social media buzz. But the reason why Veganuary actually stuck around is because it really is a good idea. 

Think about it. For a certain period of time, a lot of us are vegan. We all share the same lifestyle and the planet will thank you for that. We’ve often spoken about how veganism helps save the world (you can check out blogs like those here). Then this will magnify those effects, even just for a wee bit.

Why Going Vegan for a Month is a Good Idea?

one month vegan challenge

We already spoke about how veganism is a good idea. If you need more convincing, here’s where we get into it. Going vegan can be hard, even if you’re just doing it for a few days - let alone committing the rest of your life to it. If you approach it a step at a time or days at a time, then it’d be easier. With more of us going through the same diet, more of us will be able to share tips for going vegan with each other. The more the merrier, they say. 

Let’s get into some scenarios. If your family decides to partake in Veganuary, then preparing meals would be easier. No special meals for this, no special plates for that… Meal planning gets a whole lot easier. And speaking of… 

Doing a Veganuary Meal Plan?

veganuary meal plans

Why don’t more people go vegan? Well, getting food is harder. We know, we know… More restaurants are offering vegan-friendly dishes and plant-based options now. But they can be lackluster. We hate to say it, but it is true (sometimes). And sure, we can take our friends to vegan restaurants. But how often are our carnivore buds happy with this choice? Let’s take care of food now. Shall we? 

We make things way too easy here at Vegan Essentials. We have food, drinks, pet products, and other pantry picks. If you’re doing a meal plan for the week, you can purchase all your groceries here. All the proteins, canned food, sauces, and baking essentials are readily available. And we’ve got options, too! We don’t limit you to just one brand. 

And we feel like we need to remind you that Veganuary 2024 starts in less than a couple of weeks! Before you start telling us that you’re too busy with holiday preparations… You can do all your shopping online. The best part is that you don’t have to drive to pick up your order. We take care of that for you hassle-free! 

Do People Actually Go Vegan in Veganuary?

What is Veganuary without the people who celebrate it? It was reported that 700,000 people in the world participated in 2023’s Veganuary. And that number is from people who pledged. That’s not counting the number of active and healthy vegans already out there. And 36% of those who pledged maintained their diet right after.

Let’s go local. Did you know that only 1.62 million US citizens are practicing veganism? Since only 0.05% of the population follow a vegan diet, we could only hope to grow that by celebrating Veganuary. That’s why Veganuary is more important than people think!

Impact of Veganuary

veganuary impact on animals

What can one month of veganism even do? Over 2 million animals are said to have been saved in just one month alone! With the growing number of participants, we could only hope to save even more animals in the process. 

For some folks, going vegan for a month can open their eyes to more than a handful of health benefits. Imagine a lower-calorie, low-cholesterol, or even low-fat diet. That’s just the start. You might feel lighter, more refreshed even. Going vegan allows for some smarter food choices. Don’t let your body waste this opportunity to feel good! 

Start The New Year Right


What is Veganuary? Wonder no more. In reading this, we hope that you remain inspired to stay vegan. If you’re new here, we hope it inspires you to try a Veganuary meal plan. Again, it’s easier when you’ve us by your side!

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