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Chocolate Covered Potato Chips by Missionary Chocolates

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* Please see important details below regarding shipping chocolate products to warm areas!

Sweet, salty, chocolatey and crunchy, these 64% dark fair-trade chocolate dipped potato chips bring a new twist to vegan snacking!

Dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free, why reach for those regular potato chips to snack on when you can have something truly different?

5 oz. (141g) bags are $10.49 each.

Ingredients: Potato chips (potatoes, cottonseed oil, salt), fair-trade chocolate (cacao beans, sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, pure vanilla)

*NOTE* Chocolate can melt in the summer heat, especially if your desitnation area temperature is in the mid 80's or above when the package takes more than a day or two in transit. We recommend expedited 2nd day air shipping (if you are not within a 2 day ship time via ground service) and/or cold shippers for orders where you want to minimize the risk of melted chocolate, and that it is delivered where someone will be there to accept the package at time of delivery (work address if not home during the day). We cannot accept responsibility for melted chocolates, so please order at your own risk.

Nutritional information: Coming soon!
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