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    Scarily Delicious: A Guide to Halloween Candy For Vegans

    Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore. For years, more and more of us kids at heart are celebrating the spooky season for what it really is - and that’s a fun holiday! And what better way to celebrate and just enjoy the day than with sweet vegan Halloween candy? 

    We understand that not a lot of kids, especially younger ones, like vegan things. That’s why we found some pretty familiar Halloween candy for vegans that can satiate their cravings. It’s our way of showing them that vegan food can be awesome.

    And that’s where we come in. We consider ourselves experts in the sweets department and we’ll let you in on the best vegan Halloween candy we have - from chocolates to lollipops and everything in between. These will be awesome giveaways for trick-or-treaters. We wouldn’t want them mad. Think of the mess you’d have to clean up if they decide you're prank-worthy!

    Vegan Halloween Candy

    Napoleon Fruit Mix Sour Ball Candies

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  • We love love LOVE sour candies. Napoleon’s Fruit Mix Sour Ball Candies are a fantastic choice for Halloween candy for vegans. These are individually wrapped so you can easily give them to the kids ringing your doorbell and asking for treats!

    Yum Earth’s Organic Lollipops

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  • For the more conventional sweet, why not get a bag of Yum Earth’s Organic Lollipops? These are better than your usual lollies since they only have half a gram of sugar a pop - No more feeling guilty about giving sweets to kids. 

    Katjes’ Gummies Sheroes

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  • For the little siblings aspiring to be strong, independent women, they’ll want Katjes’ Sheroes Gummies! They are a little pricier, so maybe these are best reserved for your nieces…Or yourself. If Halloween candy for vegans always came this good, we’d want it all to ourselves, too!

    Candy Kittens Gourmet Gummy Candies

  • Are you watching a scary movie to make the night extra spooky? Aside from the salty popcorn and sweet drink, you may want to dive into something…SOUR. Candy Kittens’ Sour Watermelon Gourmet Gummy Candies are mouthwateringly good and full of flavor. If you’d still like to go for something sweet they have Very Cherry, Tropical Mango, and Wild Strawberry flavors to choose from.

    Torie & Howard’s Organic Chewie Fruities

    Be the talk of the town and the must-visit house this season by giving out full sticks of candy! You read that right A FULL STICK OF CANDY. Torie & Howard’s Organic Chewie Fruities are vegan Halloween candies that come in flavors like Meyer Lemon & Raspberry, Sour Apple, Blood Orange & Honey, Sour Berry, Pomegranate & Nectarine, and Sour Cherry. Kids will love them and will be talking about these sweets for a very long time.

    Vegan Halloween Chocolate

    Go Max Go’s Jokerz Candy Bar 

    If you think giving out full sticks of candy will make you the talk of the town, then giving out full bars will make you famous all over the state! Well, not really… But it’ll definitely make a lot of kids happy. Go Max Go’s Jokerz Candy Bars have roasted peanuts, nougat, chocolate coating, and caramel - the latter, of course, is dairy-free - great if you’re particularly looking for dairy-free candy for Halloween.

    Whims’ Peanut Butter Cups

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  • How’s this for a nutty and dairy-free candy for Halloween? Whims’ Peanut Butter Cups will put other nut butter cups to shame. These are far more shareable, being also gluten-free. The best thing about them is that they simply taste uncompromisingly good… Just creamy, nutty, chocolatey… These are just downright delicious!

    LoveRaw’s M:lk® Choc Peanut Butter Cups

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  • If you’re feeling a bit more generous, give out LoveRaw’s M:lk® Choc Peanut Butter Cups. In contrast to Whim’s individually wrapped Peanut Butter Cups, these come in twos. Halloween is one of the few days kids (and you) can eat treats without any judgment. So best enjoy it with one tasty vegan-friendly Halloween candy…right? 

    Dirty Cow’s Handmade Plant-Based Chocolate

  • This last one is chosen especially for you! Dirty Cow’s Handmade Plant-Based Chocolates are luxurious, decadent treats that you definitely deserve. The kids can have their sweets, but this one…This handmade chocolate is made in small batches… This is for your grown-up taste buds to enjoy! Choose among their fun and yummy flavors like Honey Come Home, Salty Susan, Hail Mary Berry, and Chunky Dunky. If you got them all, we wouldn’t even be surprised.

    Get Halloween Candy For Vegans Here!

    Why don’t we sweeten the deal for you this Halloween? All candies and chocolates are available at a huge discount here at Vegan Essentials! You get 15% OFF on all your favorite sweets this spooktacular season. This is the perfect time to go all out!

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