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Who says chicken can't be vegan?! Here at Vegan Essentials, we're bringing you the very best in plant-based chicken and vegan turkey. 🍗 Read more

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Whether you want a vegan turkey roast to share with family and friends, or some vegan chicken breast for a quick n'easy dinner, we've got it all right here. 🦃 Recreate your favorite vegan chicken burger at home or make a wholesome plant-based turkey sandwich for lunch. 🍽️

Our vegan chicken brands use simple, nourishing, and natural ingredients to ensure you a tasty and nutritious meal. They’re packed full of plant-based protein and flavored to savory perfection. Made with ingredients such as soy protein, wheat gluten, and vegetables, our vegan chicken and vegan turkey are healthier alternatives to animal-based versions. Vegans and non-vegans are both gonna love these!

For the perfect vegan chicken burger buy Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Chick’n Fillets and pop one in a bun with some crisp salad. Fancy a vegan turkey roast? Try the amazing Tofurky Vegan Feast! And if nuggets are your thing, check out the delicious Chicken Nuggets by Impossible Foods.

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