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    Storefront Vegan Ground, Chopped & Crumbles Nabati - Plant-Based Grounds, 12.17oz
    Nabati - Plant-Based Grounds, 12.17oz

    Nabati - Plant-Based Grounds, 12.17oz

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    Unlock your culinary creativity with Nabati Plant-Based Grounds, a versatile and flavorful vegan mince that will elevate your dishes to new heights! Crafted by Nabati, these plant-based grounds are bursting with delicious vegan flavor, making them the perfect foundation for a wide range of dishes.

    With Nabati Plant-Based Grounds, cooking is a breeze. Simply sear them in a pan to unlock their incredible flavors, then let your imagination run wild. Add them to your favorite sauces, sandwiches, salads, or any other dish you desire!

    Not only are these plant-based grounds delicious, but they're also packed with protein, making them a nutritious addition to your meals. Each serving offers a satisfying protein content, ensuring you stay fueled and satisfied throughout the day.


    Filtered Water, Pea Protein Isolate*, Non-GMO Canola Oil, Beet Juice, Pea Fiber*, Methyl Cellulose, Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Distilled Vinegar, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Flavor, Yeast Extract, Onion Powder, Sodium Alginate, Sea Salt.