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There's not that many people in the world that don’t love pasta in some form. Pasta is one of the world's favorite dishes for its insanely consistent comfort, it's ease of preparation, and its deliciousness. Read more

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You can make pretty much anything into a pasta dish if you want! Everything from zingy, light lemony sauces to rich, decadent ragus.

As vegans, we’ll all be aware that a lot of fresh pasta has eggs in it. As well as this, all regular pasta has flour. At PlantX, we’ve gathered an amazing collection of gluten-free and vegan pasta for all occasions. We’ve got fresh pasta like this gnocchi. We’ve got amazing artisanal dried pasta like this penne as well. It tastes a lot better than regular store-bought pasta!

We also have some wonderful gluten-free options. Products like this chickpea pasta is an insane hack to getting healthier pasta. Each portion has a mega 23g of protein and 11g of fiber. This is a fabulous nutrient profile to add to your day! If you’re looking for something a little bit more adventurous then we would recommend some of our favorite ravioli like this butternut squash ravioli.

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