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    Storefront Artisan Cultured Cheeses Cultured Kindness Aged Cashew Cheese - Smoky Good-Ah
    Cultured Kindness Aged Cashew Cheese - Smoky Good-Ah

    Cultured Kindness Aged Cashew Cheese - Smoky Good-Ah

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    Cultured Kindness brings all your favorite cheese flavors to your table, dairy-free!

    Cultured Kindness is a small-batch producer of ethically-sourced, vegan cashew cheeses based in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2017, Cultured Kindness provides sustainable, artisanal vegan cheese by addressing the huge demand for humane and environmentally-friendly alternatives to dairy-based cheese.  

    Hand-made with exceptional craftsmanship, these cheeses are rich and bursting with flavor, making them the perfect option for putting on crackers, spreading on a sandwich, or simply slicing to eat by themselves.

    Smoky Good-Ah is one of Cultured Kindness' longer-aged cheeses, this one is their take on Gouda that's creamy, salty and smoky.

    6.5 oz. (184g) wheels are $14.99 each

    **Cultured Kindness cheeses are fresh for about 2-3 weeks refrigerated after you receive them, or, they can be frozen for up to 4 months**

    Ingredients: Organic cashews, filtered water, organic coconut oil, organic miso (rice koji, chickpeas, koji spores), nutritional yeast, natural smoke flavor, sea salt, vegan cultures (fructooligosaccharides, ascorbyl palmitate)

    Nutritional information: Coming soon!