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    The Ultimate Vegan Burger Guide: Discovering The Best Veggie Burger

    Making a good burger isn’t as simple as one might think. It takes skill and the right ingredients to make it tasty. While we can’t necessarily help you with the cooking process, we like to consider ourselves experts in the ingredients part of the process. So that’s where we’ll focus on!

    Our picks for the best veggie burgers can be made into fancy feasts or home-style dishes. You don’t also have to sandwich the burger patties between two slices of bread to make them tasty, too. You can actually use them to make different kinds of meals.

    The benefits of vegan burgers far outweigh the con(s) - With the con being the fact that you didn’t make it yourself. The pro, however, is that it can be ready in minutes. You can also cook certain vegan burger brands your preferred way. That’s right - you can even grill with them! 

    The next pro is that you don’t have to mix your own spice blend to make your burgers tasty. They come tasty, right out of the box.

    While we can go on and on about why veggie burgers are the best, we know you must be hungry for our list. So, let’s crack on!

    The Best Vegan Burger Brands Worth Your Time

    Dr. Praeger's Veggie Burgers 

    We’ve got a couple for this section, namely Dr. Praeger's Heirloom Bean Veggie Burgers and Kale Veggie Burgers. Both are great for making veggie burgers, with the kale variant packing more protein. The bean burger is just your lower-calorie option between the two.

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  • We think Dr. Praeger's Veggie Burgers are great for making more conventional “burger” burgers. You know, veggie burger patties in between toasted buns with some lettuce and tomato slices. They’re light in calories, allowing you to add more burger accouterments, such as vegan cheese slices and a richer sauce.

    Gardein Vegan Burgers

    We think Gardein is one of the best veggie burger brands because they offer variety. You can tweak your recipes more! They have a Plant-Based Be'f Burger for your usual preparations and a Chipotle Black Bean Burger that you can slice up into strips to add to a wrap. 

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  • Gardein’s Crispy Chick’n Patties also makes a delicious country-style burger. If you want something heavier, serve this with a warm bed of rice and drizzle some mushroom gravy on top.

    We’re not done. When we said Gardein had variety, we meant it! As a fun party idea or game day dish, you can whip up a crowd favorite with Gardein’s Ultimate Beefless Sliders. 

    Burgers for breakfast? GASP! Make a satisfying breakfast burger with Gardein’s Maple Flavored Breakfast Saus'age Patties. No need to season, just cook them up and they’ll be delicious!

    Good Catch Plant-Based Burgers

    Burgers need not be inspired by only their beefy and poultry counterparts. There are seafood-style burgers, too! With Good Catch Plant-Based Classic Style Fish Burgers, making fish-free feasts is easier. 

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  • It’s one of the vegan burger brands that also allow you to cook it straight from frozen, without the need for any thawing. So this one ticks a couple of boxes - one, that it’s convenient; and two, that it’s savory and delicious!

    Franklin Farms Plant-Based Burgers

    If you’re looking for a healthier approach to the already healthy plant-based burgers, then check out Franklin Farms K.C. BBQ Plant-Based Burgers. These are insanely flavorful! Usually, pre-cooked burgers have been fried - not these! What makes them healthier is that they’re actually baked patties. 

    feasts is easier. 
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  • These burgers are also one of the more protein-rich of the bunch. If you want to make the best veggie burgers that are nutritious and healthy, these could be the way to go.

    Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burgers

    We can’t round up the list without mentioning one of the OGs of plant-based meats, Beyond! People have been raving about Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger Patties for their near-realistic texture and close-to-real-meat taste. They’ve become staples in popular chain restaurants as well!

  • So, sure, make a delicious beefy burger without any animal-based meats. Don’t forget to add some cheese and maybe some caramelized onions! Other than that, some chopped up pieces of some leftover burger patties can go into a rich mac and cheese or on top of a fresh salad to give it that savory zing. 

    Going back to breakfast, you can also pick up some Beyond Meat Breakfast Sausage Patties to make yourself and your loved ones a complete meal. Served up with some vegan eggs and hash? Yum!

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    Go On and Make The Best Veggie Burgers!

    Our list above is only the start. Seriously, there’s so so so much more of the best veggie burger brands to check out here at Vegan Essentials! With these in your arsenal, making the best veggie burgers are all but guaranteed.

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