Vegan Beef

What's our beef with beef? 🐄 Nothing, really. But all we want is to let them be! Plant-based beef comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.Read more
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Getting into the basics - you can get vegan ground beef that you can mold into meatballs or pound into patties. They can even add “meatiness” to your pasta sauces and chilis.

If you want something pre-made, much like the real thing, you can get vegan beef ribs, steaks 🥩, and corned beef! Goodness, you can even find plant-based deli slices for your subs and sandwiches. Seriously tasty dishes can be made with vegan beef - they're just waiting for your culinary expertise!

Take a peek at our plant-based beef. You won’t be disappointed with all the choices we have for you here. You read that right - choices. Much like the non-vegan meats out there, you can get so much vegan beef options!

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