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    11 Delicious Vegan Prepared Food That You Must Try

    The vegan lifestyle is starting to catch on. With more and more people concerned about the state of the planet, a lot more are opting to get fast food vegan options instead of their regular ones. That said, your vegan fast food orders might be out of stock before the day ends. Oh no!

    While we’re suckers for a home-cooked meal made from scratch, we understand the value of a good pre-packed and prepared meal that’s ready to heat. Allow us to walk you through 11 of our favorites that you can have any time of the day!

    Ready, Set, Heat!

    Mikey's Plant-Based Pockets

    Delicious, insanely flavorful, and easy to prepare? That’s exactly what Mikey's Plant-Based Pockets are. You can choose from a Spicy Southwest or Meaty Marinara option to eat. This one is particularly great for quick bites in the office. When we want a savory breakfast, we won’t hesitate to heat one of these pockets. You’ll need only 2 minutes in the microwave or 16-20 minutes in the oven. 

    Alpha Foods’ Burritos

    Speaking of breakfast, why not a breakfast burrito? … or any burrito for that matter? Alpha Foods has a variety for you to choose from, and we have more than handful here at Vegan Essentials. Get a Breakfast, Bac'n Scramble, Mexican, Philly Sandwich, and a Pizza burrito. That way, you can feast on a different flavor every day of the workweek. If ordering out every single day rings a bell (if you know what we mean), try saving some time and get some of these stored at home!

    Hungry Planet’s Pork Gyoza

    When thinking of quick meals, one might often gravitate towards instant noodles or microwavable pizza. Here, we’d like to raise dumplings! Hungry Planet’s Pork Gyoza are chef-crafted and filled with plant-based pork, cabbage, garlic, ginger and spices. Savory and satisfying, they can be enjoyed solo or with a side of rice if you’d like. It’s a different take on healthy vegan fast food since it’s lower in fat than its counterpart and boasts 30% fewer calories!

    Upton's Naturals Soups

    Canned soups are often a staple for vegan fast food-loving households. That’s why we have some great choices! Available in a Chick & Noodle Soup, Italian Wedding Soup, and Chick Tortilla Soup, it’s a convenient meal that you can square away in mere minutes. Even though it’s ready to heat and eat, it’s free from added colors, flavors, or preservatives - that’s almost unheard of for regular canned soups!

    Nuggs Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets

    Whether you get their Original or Spicy recipe, these soy-based, plant-based chicken nuggets are certified tasty! They’ve got the same texture as chicken, but these are made with clean and far more sustainable ingredients. Plus, we think they have better flavor! Prepare them for your kids or have a delectable meal for yourself on a night in. 

    Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Chick'n Nuggets

    Another nugget pick! You can get Gardein’s Crispy Golden Chick'n Nuggets if you want more conventional-looking nuggets (ie the ones you’ll likely get at vegan fast food spots) or their Ultimate Plant-Based Chick'n Nuggets for a more rustic option. Unlike the previous item on our list, these are primarily pea and wheat-based nuggets. Who says there is no variety in the vegan world? You get options right here!

    Amy’s To-Go Bowls

    While Amy’s is well-known for making delicious soups, they also made a name for themselves by making fantastic vegan fast food options like their Tofu Scramble, Mexican Casserole with Cheeze or their Spinach & Ricotta Cheeze Ravioli Bowl! These are microwavable, as expected. These taste home-cooked, but bring the benefit of being so convenient!

    Mings Bings Bunless’ Creations

    Another prepared food worth trying is Mings Bings Bunless takes on a Cheeseburger and a Sausage and Peppers Sandwich! As the name says, these are totally bunless, so they actually look more similar to a quesadilla or flatbread. But, they taste like the classics they’re named after. The cheeseburger has juicy vegan beef and creamy dairy-free cheese. The sausage and pepper has, well, spiced vegan sausage and peppers!

    Dr. McDougall's Soup Cups

    Once you have a cupboard full of Dr. McDougall's Soup Cups, you have all the best flavors from all around the world in your hands. Eastern faves like Pad Thai Noodle Soup, Hot & Sour Noodle Soup, and Sesame Chicken Rice Noodle Soup can be cooked in minutes. If you want something more healthy and familiar, they even have a Lower Sodium Chicken Noodle Soup Cup! These flavors are just a few of Dr. McDougall's Soups - keep checking back to see if they’ve got anything new!

    Loma Linda’s Rice Meals

    Rice is really nice when you want a hearty meal! We’re particularly fond of these Indian-inspired Chik'n Tikka Masala with Rice and this Thai Green Curry with Chik'n and Rice! Normally, these (from scratch) could take so much time to make. With Loma Linda, you need just 5 minutes max! If you want to cook them in the microwave, then you’ll only need a minute.

    Kite Hill’s Pasta

    Traditional, home-cooked pasta is always delicious. You know what else, though? It’s also time-consuming to make and difficult without the know-how. While you can a large batch and store them in the freezer, why not skip all of the hubbub and just get Kite Hill’s Pasta? They’ve got a Spinach & Cheese Ravioli, Mushroom Ricotta Ravioli, Spinach Ricotta Ravioli, and even a Ricotta-Filled Tortellini. We’re already salivating and can’t wait to dig in. Good thing all it needs to cook is a pot of boiling water!

    Be Prepared!

    As one of our favorite lions once said and sang, “Be prepared!” We really took that to heart and stocked up on a variety of prepared foods here at Vegan Essentials. Feast your eyes on ‘em!

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